Welcome to The Eclipse, your one
                                stop source for paranormal happenings
                                in the planet Earth. We brought the site
                                to you for one great reason, wheather
                                there is suppose to be an alien landing on
                                earth to an event foretold centuries ago that
                                will going to happen, because knowledge is

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                                            Y2K Problem
                                            The tenth planet.
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                          SETI@Home Extraterrestrial Intelligence. 

                SETI@Home is the scientific experimental project that harness thousands
                        of users with the ability to connect to the Internet for the Search for
                        Extraterrestrial Intelligence(SETI). It uses the special program which is
                        downloadable for free that all you have to do is to run a special screen
                        saver that included with the packages and what it does is analyzes radio
                        telescope data. You can even detect strange areas from the outside civilization
                        in the outer space! Click here to download the special software and share it
                        with your friends!


Updated: August 23, 1999